A goal without a plan is just a wish. ~ Jeff Rich


Goal setting is essential. People may go nowhere, stuck to do nothing or let the life passed with the absence of goal setting in their life. A good news is we can stay clear from being a potato couch with a goal setting. The goals, we talk here is the active goals that’s not only in your mind, but also with plans and  the dateline. Many people ended up to do nothing during the days because the mental state of comfortability for not doing anything is typical what we want. Writer herself thinks that it’s somewhat hard to escape for this temptation. Yet, we can grow our self- awareness to set the time will be more productive. The outline for the days, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly plans are what we meant by goal setting. It makes us to  obviously see what’s happening during the days and doing the evaluation. Thus, the goal setting increases  our self-esteem tobe more productive to run the days.

Apply the Pareto principle 80/20. By doing your 20 percents will make your 80 percents of activities granted, meaning to say, that contributing your time for the most important part that is the 20 percents, will impact to your 80 percents. The ability to decide which is more important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent, not important and not urgent are one of the aspects in pareto principle. The best time to think about what is going on for tomorrow  is at a day before the day. Managing the times earlier and making analysis for it will really help for ones to control their days. We can’t avoid that  the unexpected contidion might be occured, yet, the idea is to fulfill the 20 percents from the whole activities. Sound a bit easier, doesn’t it ?

The winner effect succeed the  plans. Making goals is free and no fee, but to commit to do the goals needs their consitency. By that, doing the small chains of the goals will boost our  adrenaline to do more and to accomplish more. For example is to make the reading habits in our routine, instead of planning to read 30 minutes in a day that is hard to do, better to make it as a small chain to just doing it for one page reading. If you are interested, you might be reading more and more pages. Hence, creating the winner effect is good to bring the positive mental state for a commitment.

In conclusion, we need to have a  goal setting, make the daily goal, apply the Pareto principle and start from the small target to build the new habits. Don’t worry about how long is your journey, if you still can find yourself moves, soon or later, you will be there. The last, we  will go nowhere, if we have no plans.

By Azkir Fitri Afriani, S.Pd