We have been living for almost a year in covid-19. The impacts are felt worldwide, not to mention, also in Indonesia, to specify in our daily activities. Alot of activities are now becoming restricted, people seemed  too scared to interact one to another, paranoia of the epidemic is in everyone’s blood. I personally think that media is involved to spread this issue even worse, from the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, news portal, video motion and TV were actively informed about this pandemic. Our space is being limited, social activities are highly tighten. It impacts all the sectors in our country, let say in education, manufacturing, industry and many more. People are now living with the hopes this pandemic soon will say its good bye for us.

This covid-19 issue triggered my response towards it. In my  daily activities, I didn’t go out much, I really protected myself, because I don’t want tobe a carrier for this virus and affected to my family. Even, the symptoms are just like flu, who knows our body isn’t strong enough to fight on it? Like me, people in sudden care about their health, the time given for exercises are now part of life, eating healthy food to support body immune, do exercises and consume vitamins are some in to do-lists. In consiously, the health awareness increased since pandemic.

Pandemic era affected in activities based technology. E-commerce activities boomed, bring harvest for some e-commerce players, as youth, creative industry well introduced, see how many startup grew,  in my view, the positive impacts of   covid 19 issue is we are looking for the activities to take away the boredom. Technology is more in demand and we got the chance to  instill the good habit for  digital literacy. Yet, we also can’t blind our eyes, that during pandemic ,many people lost their jobs, it is one side that we can’t deny that our nation tried to solve this negative impacts. Government programs for the financial support for the lower family income, although not much, may it help much or less.

This virus meets its remedy. Globally, all nations concern to find the remedy, the latest info from world health organisation, is that all of us will  have the vaccine, it brings new breath for us, who had been confined for almost in a year. I believe, this pandemic will no longer in 2021. World will recover for this issue. And of course, we could run a normal life, to cherish, shaking hands and sitting closer. At last,  stay healthy, even after the pandemic.

By Azkir Fitri Afriani, S.Pd